Woman has little brother stand on street with sign in desperate attempt to teach him a lesson

Posted at 7:10 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 19:10:33-05

Gabrielle Evans is desperate to get her 11-year-old brother on the right track. So, Thursday morning, the Dearborn woman got on a bus and took the 40 minute trip to the house he lives in with their father, and walked him to the corner of Grand River and Hubbell.

At the corner is where Evans stood just feet away from her little brother as he wore two signs that alerted drivers that he's been skipping school and behaving badly.

Evans says she loves her brother and doesn't want him to "wind up in jail, prison or dead."

Evans, 29, became a mother figure to her brother after his mom passed away two years ago. She says their father is 55-years-old and in poor health.

The boy, who is currently suspended from school for the fourth time this academic year, is seeing a professional counselor, according to Evans who says she will have her little brother stand on the street corner for a couple hours every morning for the remainder of his suspension.. and any suspension after that.

Evans and her little brother received a lot of encouragement Thursday morning from motorists and passersby.

And the entire time, Evans is feet away from her brother, telling him that he's got to straighten up and go to school because his future depends on it.

"You going to learn today, right? I love you to death, man."

Click on the video to hear from Evans and her little brother.