Women say cop told them give me your number or face legal trouble

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 18:52:16-04

DETORIT (WXYZ) — The Wayne County Prosecutors Office says a Detroit Cop pulled over women - then told them to make a choice. Get a ticket or give him their phone numbers. Now he is facing charges.

Detroit Police Officer Chancellor Dmitri Searcy waived a formal hearing as he was arraigned on two counts of misconduct in office.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office says in July last year he pulled over a 21-year-old from Sterling Heights. He told her to give him her phone number to avoid getting a ticket. She then got numerous unwanted calls and text messages.

In August last year he allegedly pulled over a 29-year-old woman from Ray, Michigan. He told her he’d impound her car and jail her unless she gave him her number. She then received unwanted calls and text messages.

During the arraignment his attorney said he has served the city as a police officer for eleven years.

“He currently resides in the City of Detroit with his family. This is a non-violent offense. he has no history of violence,” said Matthew Forest, Defense Attorney.

But he does have a history of being charged. In January 2017 he was found not guilty of stealing money from people he pulled over.

If the current charges are true - it would seem he lives a double life. Searcy is not only a police officer, but the author of “The 365 day Soul Winning Quest.” On a website advertising the book he writes, “God is first in my life, then my wife, children, and ministry in that order.”

The judge released him on a personal bond - meaning he will only have to pay if he does not appear. She told him if he violates an order not to contact his alleged victims - that will change.

His next court dates are July 24 and July 30.