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Protesters demand justice in Livingston County from prosecutor and judge

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 18:59:19-04

A dozen protesters marched in front of the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office demanding a new trial for Jerome Kowalski who was convicted in a double murder case and is currently doing life in prison. 

The Prosecutor could stipulate to that with the stroke of a pen, but for more than a year has said no. 

“My father was denied his constitutional right to a fair trial. It’s clear as day,” said Jared Kowalski, who organized the protest. 

Kim Andrews also says the Prosecutor needs to act.

“He’s got a lot of explaining to do, and as a resident of Livingston County, I want the answers,” Andrews said.

Judge Theresa Brennan remains off the bench after the Judicial Tenure Commission filed a complaint alleging misconduct for using her office for personal and campaign business and failing to disclose a close personal relationship with lead Detective Sean Furlong in the Kowalski murder trial, which was held in her court. Furlong is seen on video interrogating Kowalski during the investigation. He has since retired.  

Brennan often yelled at people inside her courtroom. The JTC says she is rude. 

“I was one that she threatened in her courtroom," said Polly Morlowck, one of the protesters. "She wouldn’t even let my attorneys speak to me.”

As we first reported earlier this month, retired Judge Daniel Burress filed for a grand jury to investigate charges of perjury and obstruction of justice against Brennan. That is pending.

She remains off the bench with full pay and benefits. The JTC could permanently remove her but cannot issue criminal charges. She can also lose her job and law license if convicted of a felony. 

Paul White is another protester who says, “This isn’t Detroit or some big city. We need to maintain our integrity here.”