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Clinton River flooding into Macomb County neighborhoods

Posted at 4:37 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 16:37:33-05

People living in some parts of Macomb County are concerned about flooding, especially those living along the Clinton River.

Pastor Michael Heiden of the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Romeo Plank Road lives next door to the property on 21 Mile Road in Macomb.

"Holy smokes," he said. "All the snow that we had melts, and it has to go somewhere."

Flood waters have reached far from the middle branch of the Clinton River, spilling into parks and inching closer to homes.

Pastor Michael says the water level was much higher Tuesday night.

"It was just starting to come up over the driveway which had never done that before. There's a little garden on the side of the house and usually the water stays a couple of feet away from that but now it's creeping in."

It's hard to tell where the river normally ends until you see trees,  fences and soccer goals in the water.

Business owners are also concerned about the water level.

Scot Moceri of MJC Companies explained, "This parking lot is built within the flood plain. It's a way of using land you couldn't really use otherwise. Most of the year, you are not getting Spring time rains like this."

Moceri says this week's heavy rains were bad, but nothing compares to a storm in 2004.

"This was the back of the building, so it actually did get up to this sidewalk here."

In Clinton Township, the Frank Budd Park is under water.

It's clear no one will be using the pavilions or swings.

While it seems ducks don't mind the flooding, people around the Clinton River are keeping a close on eye it.

"When it floods like this, we call it Lake Immanuel. We got lake front property now, so the value goes up," Pastor Michael joked.