Clinton Township massage parlors busted for prostituion shut down by city

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 23:15:04-04

Three massage parlors in Clinton Township are now shut down, after our story aired late last week.

Township Clerk Kim Meltzer tells us after watching our story, she immediately requested these businesses be forced to close for now.

Relaxation Spot on 15 Mile Road, Sunny Skies on Utica, and Lakeside Spa on Hayes all have notices on their doors, warning residents to stay away.

Meltzer says they are in violation of codes and don't have the right business licenses.

In recent months, undercover officers went inside these places acting as customers, and claim they were offered sex acts for money. There is now an on-going federal investigation involving Homeland Security.

Meltzer is afraid this all centers around human trafficking. Three women have been arrested for prostitution so far.

She told us, "They're in our community. We will not tolerate that."

She believes there's at least one other business in the township that could be doing the same, and is keeping a close eye on that establishment.

Neighbors along 15 Mile who we talked to are pleased with the new developments.

Arlene Ruggerio says, "Really happy, happy...We don't know what else this brings, drugs. We don't want this in our neighborhood."

A few of the same owners have already applied for another license, but under different business names.

Meltzer says she will continue to use her authority to go after any shady establishments.