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Close call at metro Detroit red light caught on dash cam video

Posted at 11:52 PM, Nov 03, 2017

It was an extremely close call for one metro Detroit motorist. He literally, had a split second to make a move that may have saved his life.

Matt Santos of Clinton Township was driving westbound on 14 Mile near Mound when he saw a vehicle coming. Santos was sure the driver was going to run the red light and boy was he right.

In a instant Santos swerved to avoid a crash. He was scared that he was going to be T-boned. Thank goodness the other lanes were free of traffic for Santos to make that life saving decision.

Santos has a dual camera mounted in his sedan. It records both front and rear activity. It was rolling during the near collision and is on every time he is behind the wheel. 

“I’m just thankful to be alive. When I got home and watched the video, I was like damn that was very close,” says Santos, who still gets the chills with he thinks about what went down.

Santos has no way of knowing what condition the driver was in to make him run the red light. He’s just glad his camera was rolling.

Santos says it makes him a better, safer driver. This metro Detroiter believes the 250 bucks it cost is worth it.