Driver hurt when car slams into building

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jan 22, 2016

A car crashed into a St. Clair Shores shopping center and the owner tells 7 Action News, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Friday’s incident happened around 6:00 pm at the Bulk Food Marketplace at 21514 Harper Ave.

"It was like a bomb went off when it hit, because all the glass shattered and everything exploded and all the candy, there's candy all through the whole shop,” said Nino Cuter, the owner of the shopping  center.

Thankfully, no one was standing on the other side of the window and no one was seriously injured.

Employees at the shopping center rushed to help the driver they described as an elderly woman.

"Very shooken up, the airbag had gone off, we helped her out of her car,” said Mandy Pulido.

Pulido works at the Sundays Sun Spa next door. She said the woman was ok, but she made a mistake.

"Super sweet, just didn't know the difference between the brakes and the gas,” said Pulido.

Pulido said she heard the crash from next door and she knew what happened immediately.

"It's a familiar sound, because it's happened twice in six months,” said Pulido.

Cuter said it’s happened too much and he plans to take action.

"This is probably the 4th time this happened, so what we need to do here, we need to put some pilings up along this property now to stop the people from driving through this shopping center,” said Cuter.

There’s about $30,000 worth of damage at the Bulk Food Marketplace. 

The store won’t reopen until at least next week.