Head of Rizzo Environmental resigns amid federal investigation into Macomb Co. corruption

Posted at 2:44 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 18:37:27-04

The head of Rizzo Environmental Services has resigned amid a federal investigation into Macomb County government corruption.

GLI Environmental Inc. recently bought Rizzo. GLI President and CEO Patrick Dovigi released this statement:

“The allegations surrounding Rizzo Environmental’s potential involvement in the FBI’s investigation were first brought to our attention following local press reports which speculated that a principal at Rizzo had made cash payments to Dean Reynolds in connection with a Clinton Township contract. These allegations, which reportedly occurred in late 2012 through 2015, predate GFL’s acquisition of Rizzo last month. We had no prior knowledge of the FBI’s investigation or the allegations associated with elected officials in Macomb County, Michigan.

Upon learning of the situation, we immediately began the process of conducting our own internal investigation to better understand the facts. While our review is ongoing, the allegations that have been presented in two Federal criminal complaints are completely counter to the way we that GFL does business. Adhering to the highest ethical policies and conducting our business with the utmost integrity are among GFL's most important priorities. We are outraged by the allegations that have been reported and have zero tolerance for employee misconduct or unprofessional behavior.

Therefore, in the best interests of the company and our customers, Chuck Rizzo, Jr. has resigned, effective immediately. I will oversee Rizzo’s business on an interim basis until further notice.

We are committed to providing the highest quality waste collection and recycling services to commercial, municipal and industrial customers while following only the highest legal and ethical standards.”

Rizzo Environmental Services has dozens of contracts throughout metro Detroit and paid to play, company officials acknowledge.

The red Rizzo trucks pick up the trash in Chesterfield Township.

A 2011 contract was renewed in late 2013 for an additional 5 years.

That’s why taxpayers there want to know if that was done with bribes.

The township supervisor was not available to us today.

Over in Shelby Township, the 7 Investigators have learned the FBI will be there asking questions this week. A Rizzo contract there was renewed last year with a ten-year extension.

Last week, Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds was charged by the feds with bribery for allegedly taking tens of thousands of dollars and a paid for divorce attorney from what the feds call Company A.

According to federal court documents this investigation has used multiple telephone wiretaps, cooperating individuals making consensual audio and video recordings, an undercover FBI agent, physical surveillance, telephone tracking warrants and subpoenas of financial and other records.