Man tries to find kidney donor to save his life

Posted at 6:16 PM, Dec 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-23 18:16:19-05

Roger Sturgill, may look like a typical 27-year-old guy on the outside, but on the inside the Sterling Heights Jimmy John's delivery man is facing a life threatening disease.

He was diagnosed with kidney disease on Christmas two years ago.

“I seen a doctor when I was there and she said I was lucky to be walking because my kidneys were working at 3 percent,” said Roger.

Roger now has stage five kidney disease and must be on dialysis 14 hours every night.

“I don’t urinate any more,” said Roger. “I basically have to do dialysis every night to survive.”

In dire need, Roger has started a campaign to get a kidney and has painted “27-Year-Old Needs Kidney” and “Please Help” on the back of his SUV with his phone number.

He told 7 Action News every time he makes a delivery run, dozens of people have taken pictures of his Trail Blazer and posted it on social media. He is hoping one of those tweets and shares will be enough to save his life.

“If anyone could help me, that would be awesome,” said Roger.  “It would be life changing and you only need one kidney to survive.”

Roger, who lives in Detroit, is looking for a person whose blood type is A positive, A negative, O positive or O negative.

Wednesday morning he got a note signed from the Detroit Fire Department on his SUV, leaving him encouraging words and to chive on!

As the clocking is ticking, he has hope,

“I can’t live forever on dialysis,” said Roger.

Every day Roger is finding people who want to donate but the problem is finding people who are a match and will donate.

You can contact Roger at (586) 549-9086.