Metro Detroit gas station unknowingly pumps bad gas, kills cars

Posted at 8:38 PM, Oct 17, 2017

Marie O’Mara is now without her only functioning car.

Over the weekend she filled up at the Valero gas station on 23 mile in New Baltimore but didn’t make it very far down the road before needing a tow. 

"My mechanic called and said when he pulled the tank he couldn't believe how much water was in it," she said. 

And she wasn’t the only one. Other customers sent images to Channel 7 of their tanks being drained after filling up at the same station. 

Owner, Mo Makki, says water had contaminated the gas, saying he believes it could have been caused by this past weekend's heavy rains. 

About 15 people had come forward so far notifying the station of car problems after filling up there. 

Dan Kidd owns a nearby auto repair shop currently fixing one of the cars affected.

"When the water gets in the gas, it makes a goober at bottom of gas tank. The fuel pump sucks that up," Kidd said of how the contaminated gas impacts the car.

Once it gets into the fuel lines, it means the system has to be completely flushed out -- a job that can cost $400 to $500.

But Makki says they are working quickly to remedy the problem. "The minute we discovered that we shut the system down," he said, "we called Buck's oil to extract oil out."

Clean gasoline -- he says -- was put back in, while he kicked a plan in place to reimburse customers for the damages. 

Makki has opened a special claims line that people can call if they suspect their car has been affected.

Affected customers can call (248) 626-6700 ext.117

The gas station is expected to be open for business on Wednesday morning