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Metro Detroit widow says husband was ripped off by window company during his final days

Posted at 10:34 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 06:53:38-05

Shocked, angry, and hurt are all words that describe Michelle Burford’s emotions right now.

Less than two weeks ago, her husband of 40 years passed away after a 7 month battle with lung cancer.

Knowing his days were numbered, Burford says her husband brought in a general contractor, under the name AJD Restoration, with one final request for installing windows at their Macomb home.

Burford says they forked over $8,000 and that while the work began, it was never completed. On top of that, a specialist, she says, told her much of the work that had been done, showed poor workmanship.  

She says by November, she stopped hearing from the contractor all together and that several of her texts and calls went unanswered. 

It was only after a post about the ordeal on Facebook, that Burford says she heard from the contractor’s wife asking how it could be fixed. 

She says the wife offered to pay back the money in installments, something she wasn’t comfortable with.

So our taking action team reached out to the contractor, first heading to his listed business address, then trying him by phone. 

Later in a statement to 7 Action News, company management agreed to finding an alternative solution, saying: 

“I am more than willing to resolve the issue and was never thinking I was running away with their money. It was a side job and the Burfords were aware it was.”

It’s unclear how much money will be returned, but 7 Action News will stay on the story until there’s resolve. 
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