Nationwide 'Can you hear me' phone scam targets Michigan residents

Scam is aimed at getting people to say 'yes'
Posted: 11:18 PM, Jan 26, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-27 12:06:38-05

When Mary Kuczborski of Clinton Township answers her phone, she doesn't expect to be hit with questions.

But that's what happened Thursday evening.

"When it came on it was a gentleman, nice voice, and he says, 'can you hear me?,'" Kuczborski said.

Mary was the latest intended victim of a nationwide scam. Asking 'can you hear me?' is aimed at getting the victim to say 'yes.'

The response is recorded by the scammer and then used to authorize unwanted charges on phone or utility bills or credit cards.

Consumer protection experts say it may be rude, but if you get a 'can you hear me' call, the right response is to just hang up.

Mary was a little more colorful.

"Now, what do you want? And it went click," she said.

If you've received that call, you can report it here.