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New names of public officials emerge in federal corruption investigation

Posted at 10:01 PM, Dec 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-27 17:38:03-05

Documents that were briefly unsealed in the federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan show a number of high profile people who have drawn scrutiny of federal investigators as part of the federal probe investigating corruption in Macomb County.

The documents were included in a motion to suppress evidence obtained by wiretaps in the case against Celia Washington, a Detroit Police Department official who has been charged with two counts.

Court documents allege that Washington was tied up in the case of Gasper Fiore. Fiore pled guilty in connection to the case last week.

As part of the motion to suppress the evidence, Washington's attorney included an application to continue wiretapping against more than a dozen people.

The list of names included as being "Target Subjects" includes:

  • Gasper Fiore
  • Romel Casab
  • Paul Ott
  • Shane Anders
  • Gabriel Leland
  • Vonda Evans
  • William Wild
  • Alberta Tinsley-Talabi
  • Morris Joseph
  • Benny Napoleon
  • Jennifer Marie Fiore
  • Brian Roderick Banks
  • Michael Patrick Gorman
  • Assad Ibrihim Turfe
  • Louay Malakey Hussein
  • Michael Irvin Lucas
  • Celia Banks Washington
  • Robert Ray Nicholson

It is unclear what they are alleged to have done to be considered target subjects. It also is important to note that, with the exceptions of Gasper Fiore and Celia Washington, none of the people named as targets of the wiretapping have been charged with a crime.