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Parents blast judge, sheriff after son dies in Crawford County jail

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 14:34:09-05

Their emotions are very raw.  And the parents of Dwayne Greene say his death did not have to happen. 

He was arrested last summer in Crawford County for operating a 4-wheel ATV under the influence.  He was driven to court on December 4th and showed up drunk. 

His parents say on December 6, he was unresponsive inside the Crawford County Jail and two days later he died in a hospital. 

John and Cheryl Greene says Dwayne had detox scheduled for December 5 but Crawford County Judge Colin Hunter did not allow it, and revoked the bond, sending him to jail.   

Cheryl Greene said, “He had it scheduled.  All the judge had to do was let him go into rehab.” 

John said, “That son of a B---- took my son from me.”

Dwayne was 33 and from Richmond in Northern Macomb County. His parents said he battled drug and alcohol abuse but this did not have to happen. 

They blame the system and the judge. 

“It was just straight up alcohol withdrawal. His blood work came back 100% clean,” John told 7 Investigator Jim Kiertzner. 

Cheryl added, “He was taken away for no reason.”

By the time Dwayne was taken to the hospital his parents say, he was brain dead. 

“We got there and they told us pretty much gone,” said John. 

Cheryl said, “I was hoping when I walked into the hospital, he’d wake up.”

Attorney James Harrington of Fieger Law is gathering records and videos in the case from the Crawford County Jail and Court. 

“Just because a judge says he’s going to do his detoxing inside a jail doesn’t mean they can sit there and watch a man die.”

The following statement was released by the Crawford County Sheriff's Office: 

It is the statement of this office that the incident is still under investigation and all actions of those involved are being reviewed. The outcome is extremely unfortunate and our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Mr. Greene. Once the investigation is complete and reviewed, a statement will be released.  
The family is still working on funeral arrangements for Dwayne Greene.  They have set up this Go Fund Me page for people to help with costs.