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Police say man in Warren explosion had arsenal of weapons and was on federal watch list

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 18:21:18-04

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Warren Police say the man injured in an explosion in his garage on Gentner on Saturday afternoon around three is on a federal watch list, has a criminal record, and was under investigation.

“I heard this tremendous boom. It was like an explosion,” said Desi Canale, a man who says he lives about two blocks away.

Neighbors ran out of their homes to see what happened and witnessed a horrific scene.

“We saw the smoke up in the air and the whole house was engulfed in flames,” said Octavia Brown.

She was amazed when the man who she sometimes saw out walking his dog came out of the house.

“He was burnt and he was bleeding and looking for his dog. People wrapped his arm up and he started falling,” said Brown.

Two of his relatives tell 7 Action News he is in the hospital in critical, but stable condition. Reports from law enforcement that he lost both his arms, they say, are incorrect.

Investigators at the scene tell 7 Action News they found butane, marijuana, and other materials used sometimes to make butane hash oil, a potent and dangerous to make form of marijuana.

“I can assume, based on what was seized and the explosion itself, that he was probably putting an explosive device together and it exploded on him,” said William Dwyer, Warren Police Commissioner.

Police Commissioner Dwyer says police have been investigating the man who now is a victim of this explosion.

“I can tell you he is on the watch list with one of the federal agencies,” said Dwyer.

The FBI says it is unable to deny or confirm an investigation.

The Warren Police Commissioner says inside the home they found an arsenal of weapons including guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and explosive devices.

As 7 Action News recorded video of investigators working at the house Monday a FedEx truck pulled up. The driver asked news crews what was happening at the house.

They told him investigators were looking into an explosion. He said 'interesting' and looked at the box in his hands. It was clearly labeled with the word “explosives”.

Investigators at the scene took the package as evidence.

“I believe he did have criminal activities and was going to move forward with some sort of operation and I can’t say what I would be today. Was he going after politicians? Was he going to do harm to other individuals?” said Dwyer.

At this point, the 37-year-old is not charged with any crime and is in the hospital with burns to about 55% of his body.

Neighbors we spoke to are skeptical of the theories the man they often saw out with his dog would plan an attack.

“I don’t think it was terrorism,” said Brown.

The man’s mom and sister told me on the phone he would never attack anyone and these theories hurt to hear.