Police search for women who allegedly stole charges cards from secure areas at local hospitals

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 18:28:54-05

Police are trying to track down two women who stole credit cards from staff members at two local hospitals.

They were caught on several surveillance cameras at Beaumont Hospitals in Troy and Sterling Heights on November 17th.

The two women are believed to have somehow snuck into a secure area of the hospital and then walked away with several staff members’ charge cards.

“These two people gained access to the hospital. They walked through the hospital. In doing so they went through closed drawers and desks looking for purses or items such as that,” said Lt. James Belmonte.  “They stole a handful of credit cards from different places within the hospital.”

The pair, using various cards, then went on a shopping spree to a Best Buy store and a Staples store. There is no telling how much money they spent at their victims’ expense.

Sterling Heights Police are urging workers to check with their belongings for anything missing.

Investigators tell 7 Action News at the end of November the culprits were up to no good again.

They did the same crime at Henry Ford Hospital in Clinton Township. In both cases, they appear to be wearing hospital badges.

Clinton Township Police are actively looking to catch the thieves before they strike again.

“If they are stealing credit cards, they just picked up someone’s ID also. That’s what allowed them to gain access to those areas. So it’s important in your work environment, you need to be diligent,” said Lt. Belmonte. “We trust everybody we work with, but at the same time you should secure you property and personal belongings, especially identification or passes that can get you into secure areas.”    

If you have any information on these cases call the Sterling Heights Police Department or the Clinton Township Police Department