Randazzo replaces furnaces stolen from Macomb County Habitat for Humanity homes

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 18:37:39-05

We told you last month about three Habitat for Humanity homes hit by thieves in Macomb County. They stole furnaces and hot water heaters - setting back move-in dates for folks who are in need of homes.

Now, Randazzo Heating and Cooling have stepped in to replace the stolen items.

Not only are they helping to warm the homes, they are warming hearts, because they're doing all of this for free.

"We are lucky to have companies to have Randazzo and the city of Eastpointe was also very gracious, made a very substantial donation to help recover our losses here," says Habitat for Humantiry Macomb County's Julie Langlis.

The organization has a large insurance deductible and funds were not immediately available to replace the furnaces.

Thieves hit this particular house twice -- setting the organization back a few weeks.

(Sot Julie 37:32)
"Having a company like Randazzo come in and replace these furnaces and water heaters is the difference between this home being ready this year and not being ready this year," says Langlis.

Randazzo is installing furnaces and water heaters in all three homes -- just in time before temperatures drop.

"Water pipes are going to freeze and burst it's even more a problem you got in your hands," says installer Dan Sharpe. "By getting the furnace going we will get the house to a comfortable temperature and everything will be great."

Julie Langlis has been checking online to see if they can spot the thieves trying to sell the stolen items.

"And there is a lot of risk with that if you buy a stolen furnace and it isn't hooked up properly you can have a CO2 leak, you can have a gas leak, there is a lot of things that can happen," she says.

Julie has this message for the thieves.

"We are trying to build your community," she says. "We are trying to build your property value, more than that we are trying to give a family the opportunity to be a home owner."

Although the three homes faced these setbacks, Habitat for Humanity hopes the three will be move in ready by the end of this month.