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Secret payment of $200,000 to Shelby Twp. Clerk still questioned by Republicans

Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 06:20:26-04

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — The 11th Congressional District Republican Committee has passed a resolution censuring State Republican Party chairman Ron Weiser and demanding answers about a secret $200,000 payment made to Shelby Twp. Clerk Stan Grot a couple of years ago.

“Part-time work you get payments of $200,000 in six months, I want that job!” laughs committee member Paul Taros.

This issue first came up in January. Former Republican Party Chair Laura Cox turned it over to the Bureau of Elections for an investigation. That’s under the Michigan Secretary of State.

We called to find out the status of the case and during the interview with Taros, I got a text that I read out loud.

“So all they’re saying is the investigation is open and active.” Taros responded, “Hopefully, something will come of that.”

In March, Taros put on Facebook a meeting his committee had with Weiser.

During it, Taros asked Weiser, “What about the 200 grant you paid Stan Grot 2 years ago when you were chair!”

Weiser also made news during that closed event when he called the three top Democrats, Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Nessel, and Secretary of State Benson the three “witches” who needed to “burn at the stake.”

Weiser also said the two Michigan Republican Congressmen who voted to impeach President Trump, Fred Upton, and Peter Meijer should be voted out or “assassinated.” Weiser later apologized.

Back to the $200,000 Weiser answered in March, “Stan Grot has been District Chair for nearly 20 years. During that time, he turned a blue county red.”

Weiser told the group it was a contract to recruit precinct delegates. And that contract had been turned over to the Secretary of State.

Today, Paul Taros, a CPA says they’ve not been given any contract and still want answers.

“We’ve heard there was a contract. Well, it doesn’t pass the smell test,” Taros tells us.

We contacted the chairman of the 11th District Congressional Committee Shane Trejo about the resolution to censure Weiser and get answers.

He told me over the phone, “I don’t support it. It did not pass unanimously.”

In his Linkedin page, Trejo says he is, “A freelance journalist and independent-minded political activist focused on exposing government and corporate corruption.”

It also says he writes for a right-wing website called Big League Politics. When I started to ask him more questions as a Journalist Trejo abruptly said, “That’s the only comment I have. Have a great day,” and hung up the phone.

We went to the Shelby Township offices to talk with Clerk Stan Grot. He told me over the phone he’s under a confidentiality agreement and only that he did work for the party.

Weiser has been accused of paying off Grot to not run for Secretary of State a couple of years ago.

Weiser said in March, “He was planning to leave as a Secretary of State candidate as it happens anyhow you can ask him that.”

Taros today says, “If these were in fact payments to have Stan Grot drop out of the Secretary of State’s race, that’s improper. Heads of our party are picking the candidates, not the grassroots.”

Also in March, Weiser said, “I gave way more than that amount of money to the state party during that period of time,” and people in the audience applauded.

Taros today, “Some mentioned that it was Ron Weiser’s money anyway, so, no it doesn’t pass the smell test.”

The Secretary of State’s Office says if they get stonewalled in their ongoing investigation, they can turn it over to the Attorney General who has subpoena power.

Ron Weiser did not call us back to comment.