Bounce house stolen from Warren found for sale on Facebook in East Lansing

Posted at 10:19 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 12:57:45-04

Once again, the power of social media coming through for a frustrated business owner. A valuable piece of equipment was stolen a year ago, but now it's back where it belongs along 13 Mile Road in Warren.

Joe Davey finally solved the bounce house caper. He may have needed a year to find this kids attraction, but it's back home now at Party Dreams rental in Warren.

He can thank social media and the alleged thieves who made the vital mistake of trying to sell it on Facebook.

The guy in his post states, "My college days are over," asking who wants, "his lovely bounce house."

It had been missing since May of 2016, when it was somehow folded up and lifted from behind the business.

After seeing it on Facebook for $350 two days ago, Davey did his own undercover sting, driving out to East Lansing, acting as a buyer.

He captured a photo of investigators on scene, once he called them after realizing the mystery was over.

Social media is now where many are starting to become their own detectives, finding their stolen goods.

Davey says his original post a year ago on Facebook telling people about the crime had more thank 500k views.

He says the thief posted it for sale for only 30 minutes, before he was alerted to it.