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Warren police say woman helped police catch home invaders who injured officers

Posted at 7:11 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 05:38:02-05

Police are praising a woman they say helped catch two thieves breaking into a home. 

It happened Thursday morning on Sherman near Schoenherr and 8 Mile. 

Police say a woman called police about a man entering her neighbor's home. 

"He was knocking on the door once he saw me pull up and then he walked straight in, but I know he shouldn't be in there,” the caller told police. 

Two men were found in the house, the homeowners had already left for work. Police say there was a struggle with one of the suspects -- and they both reportedly were on narcotics. 

Four officers were injured in the struggle, but they are recovering. 

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer says the city brought back the neighborhood watch program because it’s one of the best ways to stop and prevent crime. 

“Neighbors are looking out for neighbors and this lady this morning, I applaud her for what a great job she did and we will recognize her with a civilian citation, but I would hope that more people get involved looking out for their neighbors,” Dwyer says. 

The suspects will be arraigned Friday.