Holocaust survivor hopes to sing national anthem

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 14:16:38-04

"I love the song itself," says Hermina Hirsch of The Star-Spangled Banner. Now, the 89-year-old Holocaust survivor dreams of singing the national anthem in front of the crowds at Comerica Park during a Tigers game.

Relatives of the Southfield woman contacted 7 Action News after she told them she would love to sing in the downtown ballpark. They recorded her singing and posted it to Facebook, the Internet immediately started to support her. 

When asked if she would be scared of singing in front of such a big audience, she said the strength she gained from surviving the atrocities of a concentration camp gives her courage. 

"If we live through the concentration camp, we have nothing to lose there. This is the way I feel I have nothing to lose here by trying to sing, and I love singing to the national anthem,"

After 70 years of marriage, her husband Bernard Hirsch has listened to Hermina sing in front of small crowds. “I’m used to her already,” he says.

Hermina told 7 Action News, “You gain strength and you gain the will to live, and that is why I said I don’t want to die before I sing it.”

Hermina says her family told her they are proud of her for daring.

Click on the video above to hear Hirsch tell 7 Action News about her courage and hope that this dream might just come true.