ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette holding casting call in Royal Oak on Tuesday

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 18:31:44-04

Ready to find love on national television?

The Bachelor and Bachelorette auditions are being held in our area Tuesday, July 12.

Former Bachelor contestant Lauren Himle says that if you want to accept a rose, you'll have to impress casting producers.

"It was great to meet Ben, it was a great experiment," she said.

Himle was on The Bachelor's season 20 - trying to win Ben Higgen's heart. She didn't find love, but she believes in the process.

"I do think you can find love on the Bachelor."

She's now a real estate agent in Birmingham.

Himle will be at Tuesday's casting call in Royal Oak and says that if you plan on auditioning, you should ask yourself some questions.

"Would I be okay being away from my family for months at a time, and my friends? Would I be okay having millions of people know everything about me?"

Like a rose, casting directors have to weed out applicants to find the perfect ones, while trying to avoid thorns.

So how can you stand out from the bunch? Lauren has four tips to impress producers.

Tip #1:
"Have a good story. Have something to say and something more about who you are and why you are going on this show."

Tip #2:
"Have a glass of wine. Don't be nervous. Every single girl there is terrified. Every guy there is terrified."

Tip #3
"Wear something you would wear on a first date. Don't wear like the club attire, like high heels, tight dress."

Tip #4
"Have fun with it. You are never going to have an opportunity like this again, you might as well go into and just enjoy it."

So if you want the final rose, Lauren has this final tip: just be yourself, because that's key to a successful relationship, real one or reality TV show based.

So if you're ready to find love, head on over to the casting call at Fifth Avenue restaurant in Royal Oak Tuesday from 4:00 pm to  8:00 pm.