Arby's Assistant Manager keeps drunk driver at drive thru window long enough for police to arrive

Posted at 9:39 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 21:39:17-04

It’s a strange story, with an unsung hero where a mother showed up to a White Lake Township Arby’s for a late dinner and then fell asleep behind the wheel in the drive thru lane.

When curly fries are calling your name it's tough not to answer, but if you've been drinking - you better wait to satisfy that craving, because the White Lake Township Arby's manager won't tolerate drunks in her drive thru.

It happened September 14th around 8pm, when a woman in a red truck ordered two combos.

Assistant Manager Bobbi Langois says, “I went to open the window and it literally smelled like you could open up a bottle of vodkas or tequila and it was right in my nose.”

Bobbi told the woman how much she owed, but the woman had trouble paying. That's when she noticed a child in the car and called 911.

Bobbie kept the woman at the window until police arrived.

“She was waiting ten minutes on curly fries and she believed us!,” Bobby says. “That’s how drunk she was! We even gave her a free shake - even though her food was up we waited to give it to her until the cops came. I was not going to let her go.”

Police arrived to find the woman fast asleep behind the wheel in the drive thru lane - with open bottles of alcohol beside her.

She was arrested and is now awaiting charges of drunk driving and child endangerment.

“I feel like a lot of people have misconceptions,” Bobbi says. “In reality I take my job seriously and my community seriously.”