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Auburn Hills police advise taking action in an active shooter situation

Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 05:17:42-05

Auburn Hills Police hosted a civilian training session on active shooters Monday night. The takeaway? Take action.

Officer Brian Miller is the community outreach officer for Aurburn Hills.  He has taught about 15 active shooter training sessions.  

He says it’s all about being ready and taking action.

He spoke to a group of citizens from around the metro area about his preferred approach: avoid, deny, defend. Avoid the shooter if you can, deny the shooter access if you can and defend yourself if you can. 

Miller said in the past students were taught to take cover and hide in an active shooter scenario. He says this method does not reduce casualties. 

"For some reason in these active shooter events we just sit there and its a lot easier to hit something that's just sitting there,” said Miller to the class.

He said taking action is the key.

"I tell the kindergartners when I teach in the schools, run around screaming for all I care, it's hard to place a shot on moving target. We don't want you to be an easy target,” said Miller.

He said don’t sit and wait. Don’t hide. He says use items around you to defend yourself. 

"We are allowed to do what we need to do survive, this is the best non lethal tool that you can find,” he said, while holding up a fire extinguisher. 

Karen Haneline works at a nursing school. She said the training session appealed to her. 

"Just the recent events and students get upset,” said Haneline

She said she feels empowered after hearing the techniques and she can envision using them to at work or even church.

"Congregation grabbing a hymnal book and getting ready to throw it at somebody just as a group just throw stuff, even that,” said Haneline.

"Don't do nothing, if one of these events happen don't do nothing, do anything you need to survive but just make sure you do something,” said Miller.