Birmingham hair stylist speaks out after being grabbed by man at work

Posted at 6:36 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 18:36:53-04

An Oak Park man is behind bars for allegedly assaulting a hair stylist in Birmingham while she was cutting a client’s hair.

It happened on Friday at Great Clips Salon.

The stylist we spoke with says the man was seen looking inside the store earlier in the day and then came into the store, didn’t say a word and then grabbed her.

Stephanie Schultz says she’s still shaken up after being assaulted while working at great clips salon in Birmingham.

“And then he kept coming towards me and backed me into my station and he just reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pushed me into my station while I was doing a haircut,” she says.

Schultz says she was in disbelief that this complete stranger grabbed her while she was cutting a client’s hair.

She says she didn’t know what to do - that’s when her manager stepped in. 

“He basically said that he wanted to grab me and she told him to leave or she would call the police and he said do it,” she says.

The man, described as a heavy set black male with ragged clothes and a bald head then left the store.

But after a call to 911, Birmingham police responded quickly. The 46-year old Oak Park resident was arrested for assaulting Shultz and taken into custody.

Now she says the frightening ordeal has everyone at Great Cuts on alert.

“It’s definitely something that will stay with me and keep me very aware of my surroundings,” Schultz says.

Believe it or not, Schultz says this same guy followed another one of her coworkers outside when they took out the trash a few weeks ago.

When asked by police why he grabbed Schultz, his response was because he wanted to.