Birmingham's Social Kitchen patrons get vaccine in wake of news restaurant worker has Hepatitis A

Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 18:21:12-04

Metro Detroiters are scrambling to get Hepatitis a vaccinations after a worker at Birmingham’s Social Kitchen restaurant was diagnosed with the virus.

The revelation yesterday that a worker had the virus is also forcing some people to change their plans.

Mikah Kilgensmith was planning on having her daughter’s birthday party at Social.

“I was a little concerned because it is a restaurant in out area that my kids like to eat at with their friends,” she say. “I was concerned because it doesn’t seem like a very safe thing.”

Kilgensmith is also one of the customers contemplating getting the Hepatitis A vaccine. But some are already having to wait for the shot.

Local CBS pharmacies have run out of the vaccine, telling customers they will be getting more in tomorrow.

Many who have eaten at the popular Birmingham restaurant are scrambling to get the vaccine as Oakland County Health officials are warning everyone who has eaten at the restaurant between July 16 and August 6 to be on the look out for possible infection.

“it is kind of frightening to go to a nice restaurant and find that out,” says Jocelyn Cook, who says she recently dined at Social Kitchen.

Cook says she began wondering if her family was up to date on the vaccination when she heard.

When we spoke with her, Cook said she was getting the third dose of the vaccination to bring herself up to date as a precaution. She also said she went straight to her doctor’s office today to update her shots.

Meanwhile, others plan to go back to the popular restaurant, but aren’t yet sure about getting the vaccine.

Walgreen's contacted 7 Action News today to let us know the vaccine is available at some of their locations in Birmingham and Royal Oak.