Bloomfield Hills couple says they've been attacked over their support for Donald Trump

Posted at 11:46 PM, Jan 17, 2017

A Bloomfield Hills couple claims they've been targeted several times recently for being Trump supporters, and the latest incident involved road rage on Monday night.

The MacLeishs have all the hats, buttons, and bumper stickers.

But that shouldn't be a reason to attack, they tell 7 Action News.

On Monday night, Joyce MacLeish claims a man cut her off, jumped out of his car near I-75, and slammed on her hood. He also broke her car mirror.

Her husband recently had his car keyed, and their yard signs have been stolen at least five times.

The couple filed a police report Tuesday, in hopes of stopping the road rage driver of doing this to someone else.

Daniel MacLeish told us, "If they are that upset about it, they need to come man up to it, and come and speak to us personally, and let us talk to them...we can talk things out."

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