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Booming online sales allow candy maker to open a new shop in Royal Oak

Posted at 5:41 PM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 17:41:20-04

Is fun to be a kid in a candy store, especially when you’re the owner.

A woman quit her day job to open a shop in Royal Oak called Mrs. Mason’s company. It’s a place where you will find handmade brittle at 619 South Washington Avenue in Royal Oak.

At 61-years-old, owner Margi Mason is proof that you should always follow your heart and your sweet tooth.

“My very dear and loyal customers have demanded that I open a little store,” she says.

She used to sell brittle more than 14 years ago but stopped to work as a mortgage banker.

“I was successful at it, but I had to get back to what I really loved,” Mason said.

A year ago, she started selling her brittle again, this time on online. The demand has been so high; she opened the shop.

The candy is put in boxes with a bow on it, making it the perfect gift.

Right now, the store is only open from Friday through Sunday. The rest of the week is devoted to making and packaging it.

She sells eight different types of brittle; five have fruit in them.

“We are the only company in the country that makes brittles with dried fruit,” Mason says.

Mason names the types of candy after a theme of love and kindness.

“The names are related to that. So ‘true love,’ ‘heart and soul,’” she explained. “Best friends is made with white and dark chocolate only.”

Just don’t ask Margi which one is her favorite.

“I love them all," she says. "I mean, it kind of depends on what mood I’m in. Whether I want a white chocolate or a dark chocolate.”

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