Brighton Equestrian Club offers horse yoga

Posted at 4:57 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 08:56:09-04

If you like yoga but you'd rather be “horsing” around, this workout is for you!

The Brighton Equestrian Club is offering horse yoga.

Jennifer is the yoga instructor that came up with the concept.

She said, “Yoga with horses is not about doing crazy postures for an Instagram photo.”

Nancy Merlo is the president of the Brighton Equistrian Club.

“Because we have a mind, body, spirit approach to riding horses, when she approached us with this idea, it was a natural fit,” Merlo explained.

Every participant will be assigned a horse.

“Horses are spiritual animals,” Merlo said.

In this class, the focus is to relax your mind.

Hank is usually a very calm horse but he was a bit uneasy with a very nervous reporter, Syma Chowdhry.

“He really was mirroring what you had going on in your mind,” Merlo said. 

The class is held indoors. You should probably expect to get a bit dirty and leave your yoga mat at home.

“Sometimes working out on a yoga mat gives us a false sense of reality and I think that our 4” deep dirt is symbolic of rocky times or ups and downs in life,” she added.

If you are open minded, give it a shot!

“You got to look within because horses mirror what’s going on your own energy,” Merlo said.

The first class of the season is May 26.

To sign up for the class, go to their Facebook page: