Cat rescue desperate for help with veterinary bills after rescuing animals from hoarder's house

Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 18:33:11-04

Volunteers for the Ferndale Cat Shelter have been working to help save dozens of sick and injured kittens and cats that they say an animal hoarder had in her home in Ferndale.

We're told the suspected animal hoarder began trying to save kittens and cats from high-kill shelters in other states and she got in over her head. Her home then turned into a "living hell" for the animals that were suffering from infections, disease, and neglect.

"It was a basement. It was hot. It's was humid. They were in filthy cages," said the director for the non-profit rescue, Deanne Iovan who also manages the volunteers at Catfe Lounge.

Catfe, located at 821 Livernois in Ferndale, is a cat cafe where people can come in an enjoy a cup of coffee while hanging out with kittens and cats that are waiting to be adopted.

Many of the kittens and cats rescued are now in foster homes, some have been adopted, others are waiting for homes, and, sadly, some were not able to be saved due to the severity of their infections and other deadly conditions. Some had eye infections so severe that an eye needed to be removed for them to survive.

But treating the desperate felines meant racking up medical bills at local veterinarians that have hit $10,000.

"Every day the wheels are turning. How can we raise more money? What kind of fundraising can we come up with?" said Iovan.

Click here to go to the fundraising page the group started for anyone who would like to donate to the help cover the costs of the medical care for the kittens and cats.

And to find out more about the non-profit rescue and a schedule of other fundraising events, you can visit their website at

We're told friends of the suspected animal hoarder are working on getting her the help that she needs.