City officials say Southfield's Lois Lane Drive is not named after the Superman character

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 16:58:23-04

The actress who played Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman died over the weekend. Her name was Noel Neill and she passed away at the age of 95.

There is a Lois Lane Drive in Southfield, but it may not have gotten it's name from character.

Michael Reese lives on Lois Lane Drive.

He said, "When I first saw this street name, I'm like, 'Are they serious? Is it really?'"

Reese is a big Superman fan, so it is fitting to live on Lois Lane Drive. He moved here more than 16 years ago and he loves the street name.

"A lot of times I get laughter, a lot of skepticism, some think that it's bogus," he said. "People will tell me, 'oh you must be Superman.'"

But Superman fans will be disappointed to learn that Lois Lane Drive may not have been named after Noel Neill's character.

Southfield Public Librarian Kelly Rembert explained, "In the research we were looking up lots of people asked is Clark Kent the next street over, Nope."

She looked up the history of the street.

"Used to be called Pine View Drive and in the 1940s it got renamed to Lois Lane and it was named after the daughter of a local farmer," Rembert explained.

But that hasn't stopped Superman fans.

"Lois Lane signs are hard to keep on stock there," Rembert added.  "They kept becoming collectors items for people, so the city of Southfield had to replace them quite often."