Clawson man charged with animal neglect and cruelty after St. Bernard puppy found with broken ribs

Posted at 3:59 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 15:59:49-04

A 26-year-old Clawson man has been charged with animal neglect and cruelty after police were called to his apartment by neighbors concerned for his dog.

Police say neighbors called because they heard the puppy, a 13-week-old St. Bernard, crying all the time.

The investigation into Rishi Joshi began September 26, when police were called to his apartment on Gardner near 14 Mile Road and Main Street.

Officers say Joshi was intoxicated when they arrived and the dog would not move when they attempted to play with him. The officers then tried to pick up the dog and it howled in pain. 

Clawson police then called in Animal Control, and Joshi agreed to take the dog to an emergency veterinarian in Madison Heights. 

However, a female friend needed to be called to take both the dog and Joshi there, because Joshi was drunk. She drove Joshi's car and left her car at the apartment building.

The vet examined the dog and determined that it had two broken ribs. Police say that's when the woman became upset with Joshi and left him and the dog at the veterinarian's.

Animal Control took custody of the dog and drove Joshi home.

The woman, who told police she was afraid to retrieve her car the night she left Joshi at the vet's, returned to pick it up the next day and found both side mirrors torn off. The damage is estimated at $700.

She then called police, who interviewed Joshi, who reportedly admitted to ripping the mirrors off the car because he was angry. He also, reportedly, told officers he may have stepped on the dog because he was drunk.

Joshi has been charged with malicious destruction of property, as well as the animal neglect and cruelty charge. He is being held in the Oakland County Jail overnight, and will be released Wednesday on a personal bond. He will also be placed on an alcohol tether.

The dog is being treated for his injuries. He will not be returned to Joshi unless he is cleared of the animal cruelty charge.