Outburst in court as convicted killer comes face to face with victim's loved ones

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 20, 2016

There was drama in the courtroom as convicted killer Akiva McCray was led back to jail.

The courtroom was full of loved ones of Kenyette Barnes.

They were there to see what McCray had to say for shooting and killing the Pontiac mother of 7 last year.

Moments before McrCay’s outburst, he offered only a few words.

“I am remorseful for my actions,” he told the court. “I apologize to my family in court. That's all I got to say.”

Barnes' 2 year-old daughter was also shot, but she survived.

Today you could see the pain on the faces of Barnes' loved ones as the judge sentenced McCray to 30 to 60 years for 2nd Degree Murder.

Someone in the crowd called him a name and that's when the outburst happened.

It was a clear sign of frustration by Barnes' loved ones - knowing that McCray will still have a chance at life outside of prison, since he's only 22 now.

That’s something the judge touched on before the outburst.

“You will have an opportunity to live your life after your lengthy sentence,” she told McCray. “Ms. Barnes doesn't have that opportunity.”