Crews rescue workers trapped inside Pontiac water tower

Posted at 3:38 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 18:58:47-04

The Waterford Regional Fire Department has rescued two workers stuck inside a water tower.

It happened at the tower on East Montcalm Street in Pontiac.  According to sources, the two workers were on scaffolding inside and near the top of the tower when they fell about 30 feet.  They landed on a ledge about 100 feet above ground level.

Firefighters from the OAKWAY Special Response team came to the scene to help rescue the men from the confined space.  They used a pulley system to lower the workers to the ground.

The first man they rescued was unconscious at the scene and as he was being transported.  The rescued him first because he had the most severe injuries. He was taken to McLaren Hospital.

They called in a medical chopper when it became apparent it was going to take some time to free the other man.  He was awake and able to talk to first responders, but they feared his condition would deteriorate.  He was taken to Beaumont Hospital. Both were in surgery Friday night for their injuries.

The men were working to resurface and paint the inside of the tower when the accident happened.  A worker who was inside when it happened tells us they were from Seven Brothers Painting.

State investigators will be looking into the cause of this workplace accident.