Dog used as bait for metro Detroit dog fights now getting emergency care

Posted at 11:41 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 11:49:19-04

Rescue workers say a dog was used as ‘bait’ is getting emergency care. The dog, now named Stormy, was in extremely bad shape when he arrived, with multiple cuts, bruises and possible infections.

He was removed from a neglect situation at a Southfield home on Tuesday.

"We believe he was used as a bait dog, he does have many gashes that look like he was cut with a knife,” said Almost Home Animal Haven assistant manager, Gina Perry. 

"Just so the dogs can smell the blood and attack,” she said.

Southfield Animal Control brought the dog to the Almost Home Animal Haven in Southfield.  The agency is a non-profit that classifies itself as ‘never-kill’

"We've had many animals in the past with really bad medical conditions and we spend all the money we can just to save every life it's precious,” said Perry.

Perry said Stormy was chained up in the garage, nearly hanging, he couldn’t even lay down.

"These animals don't have a voice, Stormy is in pain and he needs all the help he can get and he needs to be rushed to the emergency vet,” said Perry.

There are at least three other dogs still in the home that Stormy was removed from, that’s because the animal warden couldn’t legally take them.

"Because they're inside and classified them as being taken care of, but we're going to do all we can to get those dogs as well,” said Perry.

Stormy got emergency care on Tuesday night, but the shelter is funded on donations.  When Stormy makes a full recovery he will be available for adoption.

"He just has to stay hopeful and you know, his storm will be over soon that's why we named him Stormy,” said Perry.

The case will be passed on to the Southfield Police Department to determine if Stormy’s former owner will be arrested.

If you would like to help the Almost Home Animal Haven with Stormy’s recovery, click here.