Elderly Troy couple says contractor left them out thousands in patio job

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Troy residents, Dorothy and Joe McMahon, say they feel they were taken advantage of.

Back in May, they contracted HCI Harrow Companies Incorporated to build out a patio.  

But what was supposed to be a quick, stress-free construction project, they say, ultimately became the opposite.

The couple says the contractor left multiple damages while installing the patio, including a busted air conditioner line, a broken fence, and cracked stairs.

To make matters worse, McMahon says she realized the patio design installed was not the one she picked out. 

The couple says the company promised to return with samples to re-do the design but never showed to two scheduled appointments.

In a statement to Channel 7, the company said the following:

"We will investigate to be sure that the patio we installed matches the...pattern the customer requested. While infrequent, mistakes can happen and if we've made one, we will fix it."

The company agreed to make all the other fixes as well -- even returning to the home the same afternoon to assure the couple that it would be taken care of.

And they say they will begin that work next week.

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