Farmington Hills robbery and assault victim speaks out, thanks police

Posted at 5:49 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 18:45:15-04

A 79-year-old Farmington Hills woman is speaking out after being conned, attacked, tied up, robbed and left bleeding on the floor of her home last Thursday afternoon. 

Now the man suspected of attacking her is behind bars and she is home from the hospital with 8 staples in the back of her head.

She doesn't want her identity to become public, but she wants to thank the Farmington Hills Police for their work.

"I think if there are any crooks that want to do bad business, don't come to Farmington Hills cause you're going to get caught."

She also wants to thank all those who reached out to make sure she is ok. 

"It was very comforting after having been through all this."

This is a smart, saavy woman who says she isn't tricked easily. A month ago she saw this man walking through the neighborhood looking for his dog, he said he lived near by. Last week when he knocked at her door, she recognized him right away, and when he said his black lab had gotten loose again, she wasn't suspicious, she was sympathetic.

"I said step in a minute while I get a pen and paper to write your phone number down, so if I see the dog I can call you ... I never should have done that, but I didn't know."

She didn't know that this man she thought was a neighbor would follow her to the kitchen, grab a vase of the kitchen table and hit her over the head, twice. She was bleeding profusely, but still conscious as he took her jewelry including her wedding ring. She's been married over 40 years.

He then tied her up on the family room floor.

"I really thought he would kill me. When he asked me to lie on the floor, I thought he was going to hit me again and that would be it."  She says she prayed for protection the entire time. Thankfully when her attacker left the house, she was able to get free and call 911.

The very next day, Farmington Hills Police found the man they believe is responsible for this and several other crimes in the area. The 46 year old resident of Redford Township is expected to be arraigned by the end of the week. .