Former owner denies seriously injured dog was used as a bait dog

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 10:21:50-04

We have a follow up the story of Stormy the dog, who arrived at the Almost Home Animal Haven in Southfield in very bad condition on Tuesday.

Animal rescue workers at Almost Home told 7 Action News, Stormy needed emergency vet care because he was seriously injured from dozens of wounds and an infection. 

Gina Perry, the Asst. Manager at Almost Home said it looked like story was cut with a knife and used as a bait dog in dog fights.

Stormy’s former family in Southfield wants to share their story, they said Stormy was never used in dog fights. 

They don’t want to be identified, because they tell 7 Action news, they’ve been getting multiple threats.

They said Stormy was injured by the other dogs at their house.

They said they tried to get him care and take him to an animal shelter, but no one would take him in.

"We attempted to take care of him, but we couldn't because it was money involved that we didn't have.  At the same time we were looking for help from people to come help us at least take the dog out of out home and help keep him alive.  We didn't mean for all of this to happen and we didn't mean for this to hit social media,” said a relative of the man who used to own Stormy.

All of the other dogs living at the home have been taken from the home by the warden.