Hazel Park and North Farmington basketball game descends into basket-brawl

Posted: 5:44 PM, Feb 10, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-12 10:19:07-05

A high school game turns into a "basket-brawl" and it was caught on tape from several angles. 

It happened last night as Hazel Park hosted North Farmington. The game was ended with 1:13 left to go. 

A female student tossed a plastic bottle of tea onto the court. 

School surveillance video inside the gym shows heated words between parents and refs. Then it moves onto the court where the video appears to show a ref pushing a parent. 

The parent stands stunned with his hands extended. 

The ref turns to leave the court, the seats empty and a crowd gathers on the floor. There were no other incidents.

Earlier in the game, during the 3rd quarter, the Hazel Park Athletic Director was ejected from the game by the refs for making comments. 

The Hazel Park Superintendent says that is being handled as a personnel matter. 

The Michigan High School Athletic Association has gotten a report from the refs and will be contacting the people involved. 

The Association requires the AD to sit out the next game. 

Nobody was injured. 

Some fans thought the refs were one-sided against Hazel Park. The final score was North Farmington 75, Hazel Park 58.