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Keep these winter driving techniques in mind for a safer commute

Posted at 4:56 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 17:20:32-05

Cold temperatures and more snow on the way makes the winter commute much more dangerous.

The M1 Concourse in Pontiac simulates real life situations on their closed track and skid pad to teach drivers how to avoid spinning, skidding and sliding as well as how to correct a spin or slide. 

Check out their upcoming Winter Driving Class here:  

Winter Driving Tips

From professional racer and M1 Concourse driving instructor Aaron Bambach:

-Give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go & extra distance from the car in front of you

- Don't try to make your car multi-task, it won't work well on slippery roads. For example don't swerve and slam on the brakes at the same time.

- If you need to stop suddenly and have anti-lock brakes (which most vehicles do), slam on your brakes and don't stop pushing the brakes until your car stops. Don't turn the wheel.

- If you need to swerve or change lanes suddenly, only turn the wheel, don't touch the gas or the brake. Once your car straightens out, you can use the gas or brake. 

-Watch the road ahead, when approaching an intersection or curve, let off the gas early and let the car slow down naturally until you need to use the brakes. 

- Watch for shiny spots in the intersection. Avoid those. You tires will have more traction in the snow. 

- Always turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go, no matter which way the car might be sliding.

- Switching lanes on a partially plowed freeway: if you see tracks, cut through those tracks to the other lane, otherwise let off the gas and let the weight of the car carry you to the other lane. Don't accelerate until you straighten out.

M1 Concourse is holding a winter driving skills course where you can practice their tips and driving techniques safely. More info is on their website