Local restaurants losing big while dealing with power outages

Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 18:25:16-05

Power outages are taking a toll on businesses and restaurants, losing thousands of dollars.

Kruse and Muer operates several restaurants throughout the metro area, the Kruse and Muer in the Village and the Kruse and Muer on Main both lost power Wednesday night,

Alex Kruse, the regional operations manager, said a power outage is a restaurants worst nightmare.

"It's absolutely the worst thing,” said Kruse.

While both restaurants lost power Wednesday, the Main Street location in Rochester is back on and will be open for business on Friday night.  The Kruse and Muer in the Village location is still without power and there’ uncertainty about when they will be able to open next.

"Profit margins are so small, when we lose Thursday, Friday and possibly even Saturday it really cuts into that,” said Kruse.

Already, both restaurants have had to throw away a lot of food, since the outages lasted so long.

"With bread, dough, it doesn't really matter, you're throwing that stuff away, seafood is pretty much all getting tossed,” said Kruse.

That means a lot of money getting tossed too.

"It's tens of thousands of dollars, loss of business, no sales,” said Kruse.

He’s hopeful people will head out to the open locations on Friday and beyond to help them possibly recoup some losses.