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Madison Heights' Lamphere High School football team honors slain rival player

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 17:54:37-04

Lamphere High School's football team is honoring a player at a rival school who passed away by putting his number on their helmets.

Zyaire Croskey attended Madison High where he played football. He was killed over the summer from a gunshot wound. 

“When he passed away this year it was pretty hard,” Jeff Glynn said. “We wanted to honor not only him but also our city since he played down the road from us.”

Lamphere head football coach Jeff Glynn coached Croskey before he coached at Lamphere. 

“He was a great kid,” Glynn said. “Always smiling, joking around. He was a really fun kid to coach. Even though it was only one year, he made a big impact.”

When Lamphere plays Madison High, there will be a moment of silence held for Croskey. 

The team plans to keep the number 81 on their helmets for Zyaire. 

“I just wanted to show the kids that our fellow city members are hurting and we’re here for them,” Glynn said. “If anything  happened to one of our guys they’d be doing the exact same thing.”