Man playing Pokemon Go wanders into police station, arrested on outstanding warrant

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 16:44:57-04

A man in Milford was playing Pokemom Go and ended up in hand cuffs. The game took him to the police station.

Milford Police Chief Tom Lindberg said, "Fortunately, sometimes they made our job easy for us."

Pokemon Go takes gamers to places they normally may not go.

For one man, avoiding the Milford Police station would've been a wise move -- but the game lead him to the flagpole Thursday morning.

Lindberg explained, "He was coming here because he knew that Milford police building is a gym in the game of Pokemon Go."

William Wilcox was playing the game while riding his bike, in his pajamas.

He followed the map to the nearest poke gym, which happens to be the police station.

The problem is, he had a warrant out for his arrest.

Several police officers recognized him as he made his way to the station.

"The original charge he had was for breaking and entering but the warrant was for failure to appear for sentencing," Lindberg explained. "He either forgot that he had a warrant out for his arrest or was just ignoring it thinking nothing will happen."

The man was arrested on the spot.

"I think he was more upset that he had to stop playing the game."

Wilcox was arraigned Thursday and has been released.

Chief Tom Lindberg added, "Don't just walk into the police building and start playing the game. Most of those characters will appear outside the building

Wilcox will be back in court within the next two weeks.