Mark Wahlberg surprises children at Beaumont Hospital with visit

Posted at 6:15 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 18:15:19-04

Children at  Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak got a surprise this morning. Actor Mark Wahlberg stopped by to brighten up their day. 

The visit comes days after he made a big announcement for Royal Oak. Wahlberg plans to open another Wahlburger’s restaurant in 2019.

It will be located in the new Woodward Corners by Beaumont Shopping Center. 

“I am just going to go, hey Dusty!” plotted Anna Cyr as she waited to meet Wahlberg.  

Anna is a leukemia patient at Beaumont Children’s. The 16-year-old loves the movie “Daddy’s Home” in which Wahlberg stars as Dusty.  

She also knows he is a big Patriots fan, so she wore a Patriots shirt. 

She and dozens of other kids who have fought serious illnesses with the help of Beaumont Children’s got the chance to meet him. 

“He is a really nice guy and he took time out of this day to visit Beaumont,” said Rita Michel, who also was a leukemia patient. 

“I want to let them know they are in my prayers and thank all the people who dedicate their lives to helping children and doing so many amazing things. These are the real heroes: the doctors, nurses, and volunteers here,” said Wahlberg. 

“Once I saw his face I was like, yeah- I know who that is,” said Anna. 

For her, the visit comes on a day she will not soon forget.  It is an amazing day.  She is being released from the hospital.

Plus, for the first time in a long time her leukemia is considered in remission. She says she hopes this celebrity visit and her story send a message to other kids fighting serious diseases.  

Hold on to hope. People care about you.

“Just keep fighting. The storm will pass and everything will get better. It just takes time,” said Anna.