Men accused of dealing heroin in metro Detroit indicted in federal case

Posted at 6:45 PM, Oct 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 18:45:22-04

“This stuff is death embodied,” said Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff. 

Sheriff Bouchard held a press conference to talk about how numerous local law enforcement agencies worked together with the FBI to bust a gang that is allegedly responsible for numerous heroin overdose deaths since 2013. 

“If you sell this death in Oakland county or in any other county this touched - Livingston, Macomb, and Wayne, we are coming for you,” said Bouchard. 

The press conference came as an indictment against 13 men was unsealed.  According to the indictment they formed the gang TEAM when the Hustle Boys and Wall Street Gorillas gangs consolidated to sell heroin, sometimes dangerously mixed with fentanyl. They allegedly sold drugs in Clarkson, plus Commerce, White Lake, and Waterford Townships - and Pontiac. 

7 Action News went to a house in Pontiac that the indictment says is one of the trap houses, where the gang stashed or sold heroin. A man later came outside to greet us. He said he was a visitor at the house.  He asked to see the indictment.  He said he knew most of the people charged. 

“I hope they are falsely accused,” he said. 

He said no heroin dealing happened at the house to his knowledge. 

“One hundred percent. This is not a trap house,” he said. 

Sheriff Bouchard says all but one of the 13 men charged are in custody. They all are charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin. Two of them are charged with dealing the drug causing death.