Metro Detroit company improves quality of life at dog & wildlife rescue

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 18:33:41-04

"The farm is the most magical place and we love it very much," says Kelley LaBonty who heads up the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (D.A.W.G.) in Romeo, Michigan.

D.A.W.G is known to many for their rescuing of dogs and even pigs and goats in and around the city of Detroit.

But LaBonty says as the only licensed wildlife rehabilitation center in Macomb County they see countless orphaned animals including squirrels and ducklings. They also rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured adult ducks and deer.

But when it comes to swimming or playing in water, the animals are stuck with plastic kiddie pools that volunteers have to clean daily.

LaBonty and her volunteers have long wished for a pond, but between feeding and caring for the animals, there was no money left.

The non-profit rescue relies on donations and volunteers.

Jarrod Hermann of Alumna Services in Leonard, Michigan heard about the rescue's need for a pond and decided to donate their time and equipment to dig one for the animals.

Click on the video to see the animals and hear why Hermann and Jason Kelley decided to make the pond their mission.

And click here to find out more about D.A.W.G. and their adoptable animals or how to donate to help them save more lives.