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Metro Detroit company's holiday party featured The Chainsmokers, as company gave away 13 Cadillacs and 30 cruises

Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-13 18:20:31-05

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) — Did your company holiday party book a Grammy award winning group for entertainment? Did your boss give away Cadillacs or cruises? The company United Shore did after having its best year.

The wholesale mortgage lending company says success is dependent on happy employees.

United Shore in Pontiac has a little less than 5,000 workers and they are having a record breaking year.

To celebrate, their holiday party featured The Chainsmokers, but that’s wasn’t the exciting part.

The company gave away 13 car and 30 cruises to the Bahamas.

Brian Gibbons is one of the lucky ones who got to choose between a Cadillac CTS or a XT5.

He said, “Lot of dancing, a lot of refreshments, a lot of desserts, lot of food, a lot of good times and we won a car.”

He joined the company four years ago.

United Shore is expanding across the street as they have plans to hire 2,000 more employees next year.

“People, secret is people,” said CEO Matt Ishbia. “How do we make sure we appreciate them because this company is only as good as our people.”

United Shore offers amenities like a gym, basketball court, game room, salon, spa, their own Starbucks, cafeteria and market.

Matt does not want his employees working more than 40-hours a week and stresses the importance of a work/life balance.

“Take care of people. Do right by your people. Focus on the culture and the team and you’re going to end up winning.”

They broke records this year with $106 billion in mortgage lending.

Many of their workers came from referrals and the average age of an employee is 31.

If this year’s holiday was great, they expect next years to be even better.

So what type of employee are they looking for?

Mat added, “We are all about work ethic and attitude. I don’t care about your mortgage experience. I don’t care about your experience anywhere to be honest with you.”

Brian is looking forward to many more years and says anyone interested in applying for a job needs the right attitude.

“Somebody who wants to work hard and is easy to work with people. If you’re good with working with other people and pulling your own weight you will be successful here,” he said.

To learn more about employment opportunities at United Shore, go to: