Metro Detroit renters booted after cops raid their residence

Posted at 11:36 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 10:53:44-04

Dozens of renters were forced to hit the road after their live-in motel was raided by the cops.


Michigan State Police, along with the Oakland County Health Department, notified the tenants at the Royal Inn Motel, on 8 Mile that the motel would be closed for business as of Tuesday, September 5th.


Renters tell 7 Action News the place is packed with rodents, mice, bed bugs - you name it.


They also say they complained numerous times, but the property owner does not fix things up to county standards.


“The conditions in this building are, deplorable, horrible conditions there. And it’s better that they find alternative locations that are healthy and safe for them to live in,” says Shane Bies with the Oakland County Health Department.


Not only is the property not fit for human habitation; there are lots of illegal activities going on inside the motel. 


“We’ve seen a lot of criminal activity in that area. We’ve responded to a lot of prostitution calls, narcotics, heroin overdoses and health violations,” states Lt. Mike Shaw with Michigan State Police.


The Oakland County Health Department will assist the renters with finding new places to live.



The health department says, the Royal Inn has been a problem property for quite some time. They tired to work with them over the years to avoid what took place on Thursday.