Black Friday gives way to more relaxed shopping experience after shoppers hit stores on Thanksgiving

Posted at 9:50 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 19:46:37-05

Shoppers in the metro area finished up their turkey and then hit the stores for deals.

7 Action News caught up with some shoppers out in Southfield and Dearborn.

"When you get something that's more than half off the original price, it's a good deal,” said Kyisha Bandy, shopping at Target.

Bandy said, while she does shop on the holiday, she also enjoys the time with her family.

"Now don't skip the family first have fun with them!” said Bandy.

Others tell 7 Action News, skipping family is why they go!

"I don't have to hang out with my family the whole time, so here I am they're cooking and I'm shopping,” said Leslie Peterson, shopping at Best Buy.

Local managers say the TV deals are some of the most enticing to holiday shoppers, but also home goods, from towels to bedspreads.

"It's kind of hectic, but if you come later in the night, you'll find some good stuff,” said Ali Jawad, shopping at Target.

That hectic atmosphere proved to be too much for some.

"You know I didn't actually shop, it was crazy inside! So I figured, yeah, I'll go online,” said Nabiha Saad, shopping at Target.

As the night rolled into Black Friday, the crowds seemed to thin and give way to a more relaxed shopping experience. 

7 Action News reporter Jennifer Ann Wilson drove around Madison Heights in search of the lines and the large groups of people. She ran into a couple of shoppers who were excited about the easygoing nature of this year's Black Friday.