Milford eighth graders help pay it forward

Posted at 4:59 PM, Apr 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 16:59:31-04

Muir Middle School eighth graders visited downtown Milford Friday afternoon to help downtown businesses.

They are part of a leadership class and this is random act of kindness week for them.

Teacher Michelle Doggett said, "Doing things for teachers, doing things for students, bus drivers, lunch ladies and now it's time for the community to get a little back."

Students, like Mallory Roethler, are giving back to local businesses that support them.

"We are just going to help us out and do whatever they ask us to do," she said.

Roethler and her friends are helping a florist.

"We are going to make bouquets and help them get everything ready," she explained.  "A couple other people are going to restaurants."

Other students were cooking, cleaning and throwing out trash.

"We come down here every Friday anyway and patronize them and they give us good service," eight grader Carter Phillips said. "We now want to pay them back for their kindness of being here."

The businesses participating appreciate the students help!

Brian Belwood of The Burger Joint said, "There's jobs, there's opportunities and small towns like this require all of us to pitch in."

The leadership program is in its fifth year and sets an example to other students and the community.

"I want viewers to see that schools are doing some pretty great things," Doggett added.  "These students, this was their idea."